Wellness Innovate Corp | About Us
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About Us

Enhancing the well-being of employees and leaders

Wellness Innovate exists to create a global shift in organizational culture by enhancing the well-being of employees and leaders. We transform organizations into innovative, productive and healthy ecosystems using big data, robust research, diagnostic tools, and artificial intelligence to find the most effective and cost-efficient wellness solutions for organizations in all sectors.

Wellness Innovate is interested in creating workplaces where employee wellness is essential to the culture. The research shows that workplaces that focus on employee wellness generate the best people, productivity and profit outcomes. Wellness Innovate partners with organizations to create healthy work management systems.

Abe Brown

Abe Brown, MBA, M.R.Ed/C

President and CEO

Abe Brown, MBA, is the Coach’s Coach, and is the CEO of Momentum Coaching, and also the President of the Certified Coaches Federation. Abe provides Leadership, Business, and Executive Coaching, and works with profit-based, and non-profit organizations around workplace wellness, strategic planning, cultivating fully engaged employees, and facilitating coaching and training programs. He has also worked with several small, medium, and large businesses to accelerate revenue growth and maximize engagement.

Momentum Coaching is a Canadian-based Leadership and Executive Coaching company that serves clients in workplace wellness, human capital consulting, coaching and training. It partners with one of the largest Coaching certification and training organizations in the world, and Future Achievement International (FAI), which since 1996, has researched, developed, tested and brought to market several proprietary “character-based” predictive analytic technology solutions and learning processes. We help organizations optimize their human capital initiatives regarding their culture, talent acquisitions, employee development and retention.

Abe has trained and certified over 1,500 Life and Business Coaches and taught assessment tools across Canada and the USA. He has mentored both Life and Business Coaches from more than 5 major Coaching Industry associations including the Certified Coaches Federation, the International Coaches Federation, Coach University, and others. He has delivered keynote speeches, motivational talks, and conducted seminars and workshops, and has worked with hundreds of both for-profit and non-profit organizations of all sizes and industry.

Prior to Momentum Coaching, Abe worked in the business world, successfully turning around several failing and struggling businesses. This involved applying successful solutions to complex issues such as driving sales growth, facilitating human resource management, human capital assessment and maximization, empowering full employee engagement, and executing strategic direction. Abe has also spent several years as a non-profit executive and therapeutic counselor. Abe has a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business, and a Master in Religious Education and Counseling (M.R.Ed/C).

Abe is also passionate about transforming outcomes for marginalized and vulnerable populations, and serves as the Executive Director of Inn from the Cold, a non-profit which supports families experiencing homelessness towards independence with emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing.

Dr. Justin Weinhardt

Dr. Justin Weinhardt, PhD

Vice-President, Chief Scientist, Research and Design

Dr. Justin Weinhardt, PhD is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. Justin has his PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Ohio University. Justin is an expert in motivation and decision making. His research interests include, motivation, decision making, mental health in the workplace, training and system dynamic modelling. He has published numerous articles in top management journals including Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Management, and numerous other journals. He also sits on the editorial board of a number of top academic management journals. He has also written numerous columns for the Globe and Mail on topics such as overconfidence, the dark side of leadership, how money changes the way we think, and gender issues regarding leadership. Justin teaches the principles we have outlined here to students in the undergraduate, MBA, and Executive MBA programs at Haskayne, where he has won a teaching award for his instruction.

Jane Li

Jane Li

Vice-President, Business Development

Jane Li is an entrepreneur, change maker and subject matter expert in the field of occupational health and safety.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety.  She has extensive knowledge and experience working as a leader and a registered nurse in health care facilities across Canada.  She currently holds an active registered nurse license and is knowledgeable around current health and safety legislation across Canada.  She is also experienced in health and safety risk assessment, and health & wellness management in the workplace.  Jane is also focused on research methodology and gathering and analyzing data.  Her passion is to help organizations transform into innovative, productive and healthy ecosystems.  She serves as a board member for Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards commissioned by the American Psychological Association.  She currently works as a clinical leader at St. Michaels Extended Care Center where she provides oversight for 128 residents and acts as a facility leader and clinical resource to nursing staff, students, residents’ families and other members of the interdisciplinary team.  In addition to her professional endeavors, she is a co-founder of Wellness Innovate, a company that exists to create a global shift in organizational culture by enhancing the well-being of employees and leaders.  During her spare time, she enjoys traveling and learning about people and culture.  She also enjoys playing piano, hiking, beaches and reading.