3 Keys to Being Resilient Through COVID

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for our Resilient Now webinar with Dr Wayne Hammond we have summarized some of the main points covered of what creates a resilient business even in COVID. This was an incredible webinar filled with strategies to help you become more than resilient, but to flourish during […]

How to lead your team through crisis

How do we lead our teams and keep those on the frontlines strong mentally through crisis? This was our topic this week on our weekly free webinar, Managing the Mayhem. This week we had two very special panelists, Jane Li, a registered nurse, and Executive Director Tanya Koshowski, both who are working on the frontlines […]

Managing the Mayhem through a public health crisis

People are feeling the uncertainty our world’s recent events have brought us. There has been enormous shifts in work and home life in a very short period of time. This blog is a summary of our weekly webinar on workplace wellness, How To Manage the Mayhem. You can view the YouTube webinar here. Managing your […]

The Importance Of Psychological Safety In The Workplace

We believe that if you change the workplace you can change the world. However, there are many barriers standing in the way of that being a reality. Mental illness and a lack of psychological safety is one barrier that the workplace is presently trying to figure out.  As we have been talking to people and […]

Research Shows a Simple Way to Increase Your Engagement at Work

Increase Your Engagement at Work Research Shows a Simple Way to Increase Your Engagement at Work It is no secret that many employees face work environments that are not very engaging. A 2016 poll by the Gallup Organization shows that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. And when it comes to enhancing employees’ engagement […]

Busy and Suffering

Busy and Suffering I am busy. I am so busy I barely have time to tell you how busy I am. I only slept 4 hours last night because I am so busy and have so much going on that it would literally be impossible for me to sleep 4.5 hours. If I did that, […]

Suffering at Work

Suffering at Work “We ought to find suffering as a significant aspect of organizational life…” ~ (Frost, 1999) When individuals enter the workplace, we like to believe that work is a safe place that benefits employees both financially and socially. Although it is true that work has a number of positive benefits to individuals, in […]

The Impact of Psychological Safety in the Workplace

The Impact of Psychological Safety in the Workplace My very first “real” job was working in a management role in a smallish non-profit, and very quickly I was introduced to a hostile environment with people exhibiting low morale, disengagement, and fear in their interpersonal work relationships.  As I quickly discovered, the senior leader in this […]

Wellness Matters

Wellness Matters With conviction, the CFO looked me in the eye, and let me know that, “…all that really matters is the health of the organization.  If the organization is healthy, the people in it will be okay, because at least they still have a job.  As an organization, we can’t focus on the wellness […]