The Covid19 pandemic is affecting everyone differently: health care workers, families, businesses, yet we have much in common through it all. We are all navigating a world that has shut down which has given us all the incredible opportunity to self reflect and pause. The problem is the uncertainty is causing increasing anxiety in many. 

The positive is that this pandemic is making us more aware of what’s important. Things like our own mental health, the mental health of our teams, good communication, and the prevention of the spreading of germs through hand hygene.

This week on our free weekly webinar, we spoke to Dr. Angel Bhathal in pharmaceutical care who gave some great self care strategies:

In order to lead well you need to rest well. We all have a role to play in this and it’s significant.

Use your expertise for others during this time. Consider how your skills can contribute to others at this time. It is the leaders role to support our team as individuals during this time.

Right now our culture is calling this a perfect storm for mental health issues, but we see this time as an incredible opportunity to rise strong. The hero in you can rise in crisis. There’s more resilience in us than we know.

Companies that rose strong during the Great Depression:

  1. Movie theatres had shut down but when they reopened they offered 50% off and 2 for 1’s as well as targeted homemaker giving prizes like cookware at shows increasing profit.
  2. Procter and gamble adapted and started storytelling on radio ads. They created characters that women fell in love with, increasing their sales to thrive during crisis.
  3. Breweries expanded into meat and dairy and other agricultural ventures.

In order to be creative and adaptive in this time, we need to come out of the back of our fight-or-flight brain, and the Coritsol hormone caused by stress. We can do this by acknowledging the feelings our team is experiencing. Acknowledging emotions bring the emotion out of chaos and moves us into our prefrontal cortex where we can be creative again.

Since 2013 Alberta has experienced one trauma after another starting with the flood. We need to find ways to process trauma. We problem solve best together. During this time we want to come alongside you. We have led teams through crisis to see them rise strong. There is power in conversation. We would love to set up a conversation with your team to talk about how we can help you be resilient right now even in a pandemic.

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